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Convice 35/583
Convict 35/583

The life and times of an Australian convict

Convict 35/583 provides an in-depth study of the society which spawned so many of the poor and starving who were later to become ‘convicts’ and transported to the other side of the world as retribution for their sins against that society. The
Convice 35/583
War Trains

The wartime railways of Northern and Central Australia

Ever since the passing of the South Australia Act by the British Parliament in 1834, which formally authorised the establishment of South Australia as the second British colony in Australia, there has been rivalry between the
Convice 35/583
The Guardian of the Lion Throne

A historical novel, based on actual characters & events

On the fifteenth of June, 1578, a Tibetan lama named Sonam Gyatso met with a Mongolian prince, Altan Khan, and they struck a patron-priest alliance, called a Yon-cho.  But this was no ordinary Yon-cho – it gave the young monk the title of Dalai Lama and bestowed upon him religious and secular authority over all of Tibet
Feisty Colleens Series The Feisty Colleens

A Factual 4 Part Series Depicting the Life and Times of the Irish Famine Female Orphans in Pre-Separation Queensland

This series is a must have research tool for family historians and contains a wealth of information dating from 1848, including:

  • Details of a generic emigrant voyage including conditions aboard the vessels.
  • The regulations of the Workhouse and the selection process for the emigrating orphans.
  • A glimpse of life in early, post-penal Brisbane,along with extracts from newspaper reports of the time.
  • A detailed listing, by Church, location and year, of the marriages in the Moreton Bay district between January 1849 and February 1856 with witnesses.
  • 100's of charts, documents, images and more...

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