Your family history reveals the journey of your ancestors and how their lives have impacted on your own
eBook Presentation

Have your family history made into a high quality ebook

  • Keep all your important and fragile documents protected in a safe environment while still being able to access them readily and easily in your own eBook publication.
  • Have all your information presented in a smooth flowing, concise format with easy search capabilities.
  • Make copies for your friends and family and carry it all around on one small and convenient USB stick.

You will get...

  • A professionally prepared and presented digital publication with pop-up images
  • A USB flash drive with your book installed – this will be in the form of an exe type program usable on any computer.
  • A copy of a reader program which you can also download to any computer.
  • Full print and copy functions so you can present digital (DVD or USB Flash Drive) or hard copies of your book to family and friends.
  • Up to 20 FREE images from our large image database to illustrate principal points or locations pertinent to your family’s history.

All information must be provided as we will not undertake any research on your behalf.

Pricing Guideline

Simple publication of up to 60 pages 5 free images included $100
Complex document of 100 pages 10 free images included $150
More complex publications of 150 pages 15 free images included $200
Highly complex document of 200+ pages 20 free images included $300
All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST

Author's Comments

Depending on the amount and completeness of information and supporting documentation supplied, including photographs and certificates, the price may vary from those in the table.  However, once the full project has been identified with regard to depth of information to be included, and the information display format and style have been agreed, a guaranteed price will be provided for your consideration. Please note that this is a lengthy process and a time frame will also be established for your convenience.